Michael Hardt in the Guardian’s Comment section

“More disagreement arises when one proposes another form of production as successor to industry and dominant in this way. Toni Negri and I argue that immaterial or biopolitical production is emerging in that hegemonic position – the production of ideas, information, images, knowledges, code, languages, social relationships, affects and the like. This designates occupations throughout the economy, from the high end to the low, from healthcare workers, flight attendants and educators to software programmers; and from fast food and call-centre workers to designers and advertisers. Most of these forms of production are not new, of course, but the coherence among them is perhaps more recognisable and, more important, their qualities tend today to be imposed over other sectors of the economy and over society as a whole. Industry has to informationalise: knowledge, code and images are becoming ever more important throughout the traditional sectors of production; and the production of affects and care is becoming increasingly essential in the valorisation process.”

“In the most synthetic terms, what private property is to capitalism and what state property is to socialism, the common is to communism.”

Link to entire article here: http://wp.me/p1gb26-u

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