The AN will be taking part in THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL on 22.10.11

For This is not a School, the Amateurist Network proposes a collective writing of a guide for amateurs. Using Said’s description of the Amateur – ‘the desire to be moved not by profit or reward but by love for and unquenchable interest in the larger picture, in making connections across lines and barriers, in refusing to be tied down to a speciality, in caring for ideas and values despite the restrictions of a profession’ – we aim to discuss what particular set of values the contemporary amateur must assert as they negotiate authority and power in terms of labour or education, and also how they might resist the pressures of professionalism such as ‘expertise’, hierarchy and narrow specialization.

Join us from 6-7pm this Saturday, Unit 66 Regents Studios, E2. The results of the discussion will become an ‘Amateurist Guide to Professionalism’, which will be published and distributed after the event.

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