The AN is focused on developing critical dialogue around the role of the independent cultural worker, including artists, freelance curators, producers, editors, etc. We aim to assert the position of the amateur in relation to institutional organisation, policy and current debates about immaterial, flexible, precarious labour. We want to form a clear understanding of the nature of independent cultural work in order to highlight the issues surrounding it and also to protect our agency and intellectual property and to work towards fair wages for our labour.

We use the word amateur as a way to disengage from terms that commonly circulate around immaterial labour, precarity, deskilling, flexibility, etc. so that we can create a collective and more meaningful understanding of our particular ways of working. By constantly returning to the position of the amateur in relation to institutions, labour, self organisation and law we hope to strengthen the position of self-organised practice and to work towards a common understanding of the nature of this work.

Without a manifesto or definitive constitution AMATEURIST NETWORK (AN) foregrounds talking as a self-sustaining currency:

  • AN operates through a series of public meetings with the stated aim of promoting open and critical discussion around the economics of creative practice and cultural production.
  • By examining the position of the artist or cultural worker within precarious and informal working practices AN aims to define self-organisation through its ability to produce a site of learning rather than by self-reliance.
  • Sharing ideas and experience in this way, AN hopes to  validate self-organisational strategies and strengthen networks within the arts community.
  • And not least to assert the labour rights of workers operating with this radically open or precarious approach.
  • If a member of the public wants to get in touch, or to suggest a theme for a meeting the AN committee can be contacted at; amateurist.network@gmail.com

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